Our practice carries a wide variety of contact lenses, sure to meet the needs of our patients. We offer the latest in daily disposable lenses, contacts that correct for astigmatism, multifocal/bifocal contact lenses, and options for our dry eye patients as well.

During the contact lens exam, Dr. Masuga will evaluate the corneal surface and external health of the eye to ensure you are a good candidate to wear contact lenses. He will then choose a lens based on your prescription and your daily vision requirements. We always recommend patients try the lenses for a week prior to purchasing a year supply to ensure the vision and comfort are meeting your needs. Our goal is for you to achieve clear and comfortable vision and always offer contact lens checks at no additional cost to our patients.




InFocus carries a wide variety of designer frames! We believe in providing quality eyewear that is fashion forward, durable, and unique. We offer contemporary styles for men and women, and we also carry a full selection of children’s frames. Our comprehensive sunwear line offers designer frames and sport sunglasses as well.



Lens design is extremely important in ensuring a patient achieves the best vision possible with their new eyewear. We believe in fitting our patients with the highest technology and utilize digital lens design for optimal clarity. Varilux is a leader in eyewear and lens products and offers a wide variety of single vision and progressive lens styles.

Lens coatings are offered to all of our patients and are included in many of our lens packages. Crizal lenses offer a “glare free” design that reduces visual aberrations and enhances the quality of vision.




At InFocus, we stand by all of our products. If your frame becomes damaged from daily wear activity, we will be happy to replace them at no cost to you. All of our premium lenses come with Crizal Glare-Free technology which includes a two year replacement warranty.