The way you see through eyewear is unique to you. The style of frame you choose, how it is positioned on your face, and the type of lens design will all affect your lens performance and visual outcome.

InFocus utilizes Varilux lens technology for our patients. Varilux is an innovator in progressive and digital lens designs. Their expansive portfolio of lens options allows us to customize a lens to fit your needs. Crizal glare free treatments enhance vision by allowing more light to travel through the lens, reducing unwanted glare and increasing resistance to smudges and lens damage.

Complete your look with Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses and protect your eyes in all light situations. Transitions adjust from fully clear indoors to the perfect tint outdoors blocking 100% of UVA and UVB rays while filtering harmful blue-violet light. Transition GEN S combines technology, colors and lifestyle allowing you to feel confident in your glasses and enjoy more freedom and empowerment.

Whatever your visual needs are, let us help you achieve your best sight and customize a lens option for you! Whether it’s a computer lens for your work station, or digital progressive design that allows a smooth transition from distance to near, we have a solution for you!